The 13rd Managing People delivery will be open for public students in Hanoi on January 16, 2010. Please go to Training Courses/Service profile for course outline or In Pics We Trust for your visual glimpse of the past course deliveries                     Tiếng Việt | English


About ACT

   We act as the lead change agent in Vietnam by facilitating the performance improvement process within corporate contexts through a wide range of interventions including training solutions.

   ACT’s goal is to assist our clients to view collaborative outsourcing solutions as a strategic tool for gaining economies of scale, enhancing flexibility and improving competitive advantages.

   We adopt our core values in our everyday business dealings:

A dded values

C redibility

T ailor made


In delivering our services, there are a number of behaviours that guide our thinking and methods:

Treat others with uncompromising truth.

Mutual respect – a must.

Respect for the confidentiality of information accessed and collected.

Recognition for and maximization of the diversified and varied expertise and capabilities within the target audience in the delivery of training our services.

Employment of a learner centered approach for optimum skills development.

Respect the customers’ right to be provided with the best services available.



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